Apartment Hunting & Moderating

Apartment Hunting & Moderating

iModerate Author

Jun 27, 2011

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Similarities can be found in all aspects of our lives. Many times we’re able to take the lessons we learn in one area and apply them to something seemingly unrelated. I’ve recently been able to take my exhaustive apartment search and tie it into my work as a moderator. The result? A nice new place and some shiny new skills.

When I first started my apartment search, I tailored it by using the  important elements (rent, square footage, utilities, etc). However, after looking across the multitude of open browser tabs on my computer and talking to my realtor at length, I realized something – I had to do some deeper research to find out what mattered most to me how the place would feel, and whether I would consider it a quality apartment.

The importance of not taking things at face value became even more apparent to me when I found two seemingly identical properties. Same rent, similar space, comparable amenities. However, as I explored the two of them I found that they couldn’t have been more different. The parking, entrances, closets, neighborhood, you name it.

As I sifted through more prospective apartments I became more aware of what I consider to be important. Because I was able to identify my own priorities, I was able to refine my approach on the go and ask the right questions. I was also able to gain more insight by hanging around and asking current residents what they think. Not to mention that after missing out on some good ones I learned to approach landlords with a little more creativity.

After landing a decent apartment (finally) I stopped and wondered if there were any lessons in all this for me as a moderator. Going beyond what’s right there, exploring all facets, adapting on the fly, taking a creative approach and rolling with unique situations? Nope, not seeing any parallels 🙂

Photo Credit : Pallspera Company Realtors

iModerate Author

iModerate does an excellent job with the qualitative. I am continually impressed with the discussion guides they put together, with the data output, and the reports they provide…it is an excellent deliverable. And our members over the years have provided me and others in the department with specific feedback, saying just how rich and how useful the information is.

Tara Hutton, Director of Marketing Research, Consumer Electronics Association