Getting to the Truth This Political Season

Getting to the Truth This Political Season

iModerate Author

Feb 23, 2012

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Political season is upon us. Primaries and caucuses are in full swing, the hot button issues are being debated every day, and the candidates are making their pledges and promises to all of us. It’s usually around this time that we all start sifting through politicians’ claims to decipher what we believe in and what’s plausible. Trying to separate fact from fiction and predict what will be has always been an arduous and often impossible task for all Americans this time of year. In the market research arena, the same issue has plagued researchers conducting political studies online.

It has been proven time and again that research respondents are often not truthful about their voting history and their future intentions. Some great examples of this can be found in Slate’s piece, “Likely Voters” Lie. While screeners and other safeguards have been largely unsuccessful in weeding out those that don’t fit into the pollsters’ specific target audience, a solution does exist for phone research. Organizations like Catalist, a data services company serving the progressive community, have a national database of registered voters complete with vote history and modeling scores. Researchers purchase these lists which include phone numbers and get their sample from there.

But what about conducting political, advocacy and civic engagement research online? The benefits of online research are tremendous in terms of efficiency, and the space now boasts proven approaches and robust tools. But what good is any of that if there is no way to accurately connect with your target audience?

Catalist and iModerate grew weary of this hurdle and came together to solve the problem. Recently the pair launched Voter Insider – an online research solution that ensures respondents are who they claim to be, giving researchers in this arena the ability to conduct accurate, comprehensive research online. The solution matches Catalist’s proprietary database of voter information to respondent profiles from three of the largest providers of online research respondents in the U.S. This method of respondent recruitment and validation is then coupled with iModerate’s qualitative and quantitative research services.

Learn more about Voter Insider at voterinsider.com.

iModerate Author

The results we received from the iModerate one-on-one, in-depth conversations were much more enlightening than what we typically garner from open-ended verbatim responses. The live moderator offers us the ability and flexibility to probe deeper on certain points, enabling us to get stronger, less vague information. That unique capability has proved extremely valuable to us, and has made this IM-based platform an integral part of our research toolbox.

Colleen Hepner, VP, C&R Research