How Conversations Helped Showtime & Sun Products

How Conversations Helped Showtime & Sun Products

iModerate Author

May 12, 2011

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We are really lucky to work with clients who know the power of qualitative research, aren’t afraid to push the envelope and enjoy collaborating with us on customized approaches to get them where they want to go.

This month we have been lucky enough to showcase two of these examples through our session at the Technology Driven Market Research Event with Sun Products and via a Quirks article in the May issue which highlights our work with Showtime for Nurse Jackie. Both projects were a bit off the map, (which we love) and both came together in a way that allowed each organization to better understand their audience.

The Sun Products project was interesting in that our approach worked in tandem with, and functioned as an efficient alternative to, in-person ethnography. Sun wanted to get a sense of the Snuggle Exhilaration’s consumers’ personality and lifestyle. However the resources simply weren’t there to continue to meet with these people in their environment to get a snapshot of their lives. iModerate stepped in and helped Sun Products get that comprehensive view in just a few days by combining our one-on-one conversations with consumer uploaded photos. In the end, Sun got the same level of insights they did through in-person ethnographic research without the travel, expense and manpower commitment.

You can check out the presentation from the conference here.

The Quirks article details how Showtime utilized our one-on-one conversations as part of a hybrid research approach to better understand how viewers prefer to watch Nurse Jackie (which viewing platform, on demand/DVR/Linear) and what drives their preference(s). Specifically, iModerate was able to garner candid feedback surrounding platform benefits, drawbacks and the motivations behind platform switching. Moreover, the qualitative research made it possible to group viewers and allowed us to create five distinct personas based on a number of functional and emotional factors. We then crafted vignettes for each persona. These personas are known throughout the research group and provided the team with fun and accurate representations of their audience to refer back to.

In the end, it’s been a great start to the spring – two awesome clients, two fun projects and two nice examples of how customization combined with one-on-one conversations can go a long way.

iModerate Author

Our research work with iModerate over the past several years has developed into a true partnership. Their unique fusion of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies in a single study has offered new insights into key topics and markets of interest for our organization, which in turn, we are able to quickly turn into action steps. They are flexible, responsive, and extremely engaged in the entire project process, from conception and design to final data processing and delivery. They have even gone above and beyond by volunteering their time, resources, and expertise to assist with a special target market project on women. iModerate has their finger on the pulse of the research industry and consistently provides creative suggestions and solutions to enhance our current work. This ultimately allows us to provide our leadership with the strategic insights and opportunities that helps us to advance the common good.

Kristin Thomsen, Manager, Market Research, United Way Worldwide