Parents’ perspectives on back to school bullying

Parents’ perspectives on back to school bullying

iModerate Author

Sep 20, 2012

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Every so often at iModerate we are fortunate enough to partner with another research organization to bring a powerful solution to the marketplace and get some great insights on interesting topics through the power of power of collaborative research. Recently we teamed up with Toluna as the qualitative engine behind their Quali MultiMind Omnibus™, a quick and affordable way for companies to couple Toluna’s omnibus data with our professionally moderated, real-time conversations.

On the heels of back to school, we had the pleasure of running a hybrid study on a topic of tremendous intrigue and concern – bullying. 600+ US-respondents (all have kids currently enrolled in school) completed the survey, 20 of which were intercepted by iModerate’s moderators  to better understand how parents feel about bullying. Specifically, what are their concerns? How do they take action? And how can they help? The hybrid approach afforded us the opportunity to facilitate broader research goals. To that end, we feel this study is a great example of how qualitative and quantitative can flow together in a synergistic way to capture the complete research story.

Here are just a few of the findings:

  • In terms of specific types of bullying, 69% of parents are concerned with verbal abuse while 65% of parents are concerned with physical abuse.
  • Generally schools are faring well with regard to their bullying policies in parents’ eyes. 57% of parents would give their schools an above average grade (A or B) as it relates to dealing with bullying. 20% gave an average grade (C), and 9% a below average grade (D or F).
  • However, while parents know schools have anti-bullying policies; they do not feel well informed about them. Some interesting suggestions from parents arose qualitatively, such as; “Maybe schools should provide an update on bullying behaviors and resources to call with concerns.”
  • While 47% of respondents feel that the school/district should take full or most of the responsibility when it comes to in-school bullying during school hours, many parents believe that teaching their children to be positive role models is the best way to prevent them from falling victim to bullying in the first place. In the conversations, one respondent commented, “I’ve raised my 5 children to be compassionate, concerned and understanding…  it may only take a ‘hello’ to help others with what they might be dealing with.”

For more insights on bullying, check out the latest edition of Toluna Topics. Want to learn more about this new omnibus offering? Check out Toluna’s page on the Quali MultiMind Omnibus.

iModerate Author

iModerate does an excellent job with the qualitative. I am continually impressed with the discussion guides they put together, with the data output, and the reports they provide…it is an excellent deliverable. And our members over the years have provided me and others in the department with specific feedback, saying just how rich and how useful the information is.

Tara Hutton, Director of Marketing Research, Consumer Electronics Association