Stories from the Season of Giving

Stories from the Season of Giving


Dec 19, 2012

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Every holiday season we are always reminded to be in the giving spirit. But how much giving do we really do outside of our friends and family?  When we have the chance to see someone or know of someone less fortunate, how often do we stop and decide to do something really nice?  By now we all have either heard or read about Larry DePrimo, the NYPD officer who purchased a pair of all weather boots (and socks) for an apparent homeless man with no shoes or socks. That story and the picture taken by an off duty tourist police officer went viral and gained huge public sensation that swept across the internet and media outlets instantly.

In the spirit of the season, we at iModerate wanted to look at 5 more acts of kindness that deserve a little more attention, and hopefully inspire all of us.

Layaway Angels
Last year strangers paid off layaways at random Kmarts all across the country from Omaha, NE to Grand Rapids.  But in another year where times may even be rougher, strangers at Clovis Kmart have come back a second year in a row to pay off random layaways. In one instance at this location, two ladies who came together paid off 27 layaways for total worth of nearly $2,000.

Crystal Clear
Wheelchair bound Crystal Evans’ effort to save Nick Dupree, a man who is also wheelchair bound 200 miles away, is one that touches the heart.  Nick and Crystal are only connected through a forum for people with a mitochondrial disease, something they both share. Nick’s condition is much more serious; he requires a feeding tube and ventilator. So when Hurricane Sandy knocked out his power, Crystal put forth a tremendous effort using social networking to save him. Through her efforts she was able to get all the help needed to make sure Nick was safe.

Special Moment
On senior night for Dexter high school, their soccer team and coach Scott Forrester inserted Greg Zenas, a senior with Down syndrome who was also the team manager, into the starting lineup. Not only was this ceremonial, he was put back in the game several times with teammates passing him the ball in scoring opportunities.  Coach Forrester made Greg team manager when he only in 7th grade and worked patiently with him with extraordinary passion to let Greg really know that he truly is one of them.

Lemonade Deductible
8 year old Johnny Karlinchak wanted to help his neighbor Elissa Myers after a 60 foot Oak fell on her house. He ran home but all he could muster was $1.25 – a far cry from the $500 deductible he learned the insurance charged. Not to be denied, Johnny opened up a lemonade stand to fundraise for Mrs. Myers deductible and even surpassed the $500 goal.

Fueling the Holiday Spirit
Don Reed doesn’t just have spirit during the holiday season, he truly embodies everything magical about the holidays. At a Tennessee Citgo, Don paid and pumped gas for 80 random people who pulled into that station. Wanting nothing in return he believes that if he has saved the day for even only a couple of people, it was well worth it for him.

Hopefully these stories put a smile on your face – we know they did for us. From the whole team here at iModerate, have a very happy holiday.

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