The power of the jingle

The power of the jingle


Feb 04, 2014

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Coming off the biggest marketing and advertising event of the year, we all have a tendency to get blinded by the funniest and craziest spots and initiatives. But once we are done talking about the evil Brits or the disappointed, almost spokeswoman, the real question is, what works long term? While slogans, logos, spokespeople and ads of all kinds help us identify and remember a brand, which one is the most powerful marketing tool and why? O.K., it’s not really a fair question. They certainly all have a distinct spot in a brand’s identity toolbox. But for the sake of this blog, I want to focus on what’s sticky and what truly resonates with me. Advertising and brand slogans are up there. Who can argue with the lasting impression of Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” But what’s even more unforgettable than a great catch phrase? I propose it’s that memorable jingle that you can’t stop replaying in your head or even saying out loud – like Subway’s 5 Dollar Foot Long.

Many advertisers have used music for a long time to attempt to build their brand but sensory recall should have a unique identity.  Jingles can most definitely be a way for any brand to have that identity in a way that is distinctive and does not become “white noise”.  Having that audio signature can be one way to attach a brand to an unforgettable sound permanently. Being a big sports and basketball fan, I can never forget the way Gatorade made me want to be like Mike!

A catchy brand jingle is that song on the radio you can’t get away from. The repetition overtakes you, it becomes comfortable, and before you know it, you’ve annoyed your co-workers with the Free Credit Score.com song… but not before your mind has made a permanent brand association that is 100 percent distinctive. Then you might need to utilize the “Goldilocks method” to try to get that out of you head!

While the Nike and Apple logos are undoubtedly recognized worldwide, to me jingles from McDonald’s, “I’m lovin’ it”, are more engrained in my psyche. Jingles get us right in the subconscious, come out of our mouths involuntarily at times, and are used in a variety of genius ways. State Farm went so far as to spoof their own jingle by jokingly suggesting that any time you have an agent question or emergency to say the jingle and your State Farm agent will magically appear and get you out of trouble!  Will it really get you to switch your insurance carrier when it comes time to make that decision? That is questionable at best – but what is inarguable is that it has put their brand in the front of your mind.

Here at iModerate we took a poll (shocking, I know) to see what our teams top five most memorable jingles are. Here are the results:

  1. Oscar Mayer, My bologna has a first name
  2. Toys R Us, I don’t wanna grow up
  3. Kit Kat, Give me a break
  4. Folgers, The best part of waking up
  5. Burger King, Have it your way

What is your favorite jingle? Which one has forced you to link a brand to a tune forever in your memory? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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Kristen McLane, Manager, Shopper Insights & Category Development, Abbott Nutrition