Reebok wanted to spark more passion and engagement with their Facebook fans - but how?

The Problem

As part of a successful partnership between Reebok and CrossFit, a joint Facebook page was born as was a huge fan base. While the Facebook property has become home to some of the most enthusiastic and engaged fans around, the Reebok corporate page has not enjoyed the same level of engagement. Looking to spark that same enthusiasm on the Reebok page, the burning question became: how can they ignite that type of passion with a broader audience in a more commercial way?

Use Case
Make Sense of your Social Media Sphere

The Solution

To figure this out, Reebok required an approach that would get fans to candidly discuss their feelings, motivations and activities as it related to both pages. They needed a glimpse into how their Facebook properties fit into fans everyday lives.

iModerate’s online one-on-ones coupled with a unique recruiting method was the ideal option to acquire the insights needed. Recruiting fans directly from both Reebok Facebook properties and engaging them in a real-time, personal conversation gave Reebok a way to talk to fans in the moment, where they were “living”, and provided them with an engaging experience.

The Results

The research showed that the appeal of the Reebok|CrossFit page was that it successfully created a community where sharing sport specific information, always being authentic, and profiling real athletes keeps fans motivated and engaged.  Individuals voiced that there was an opportunity to create a “com­munity feel” on the Reebok corporate page as well and incite more enthusiasm among fans without sacrificing the page’s identity and more resource-focused purpose.

In the conversations, fans offered steps Reebok could take to do so, such as promoting real athletes as opposed to profes­sionals, encouraging fan participation by immersing them in photos, videos and meaningful posts, and becoming more of a resource for fitness. In the end, the feedback allowed them to more fully understand the needs of their Fans, how their pages were perceived, and the tremendous emotional connections they could engender through their Facebook properties.