United Way

United Way needed to understand why women support charities and identify issues they care about in order to build stronger support from them throughout their lives.

The Problem

United Way needed to understand women’s motivation to support charitable organizations and identify issues that most resonate with them. By uncovering how these issues fit with the United Way brand, they will be able to better understand this valuable market in order to build stronger support from them throughout their lives. Women are the key to United Way’s success through volunteering, giving, and advocating.

Use Case
Connect with and Understand Your Audience

The Solution

To accomplish their objectives, United Way wanted to foster a dialogue with women to openly discuss their feelings and motivations about United Way and why they would support the organization. The feedback iModerate captured through online one-on-one conversations along with the quantitative data collected from surveys created a well-rounded picture of who the ideal United Way target was and the issues of most importance to women.

The Results

The research allowed United Way to hone in on certain segments of women to focus their efforts on. Women’s top philanthropic motivation revolved around the idea of “connecting to a cause” and “making a donation from my heart,” and education clearly emerged as a top priority. To that end, women cited that they are interested in getting involved in schools and libraries, more than anything else. In fact, 65% of women said they are more likely to get involved in the work of United Way if they were affiliated with/partnered with local schools. By aligning themselves with education, United Way learned they can steer towards strategies to increase their relevancy, enhance impressions, and improve visibility among women.

In the end, iModerate gave United Way insight to more fully understand the feelings and motivations of their core target audience and identified success factors (strategies, messaging and communication tools) to create higher engagement with United Way’s core target of women.