Prime Day: Why Amazon gives away video content – article in Forbes

Prime Day: Why Amazon gives away video content – article in Forbes


Jul 15, 2015

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iModerate’s Brand Wars: Streaming Services research was recently featured in a Forbes.com article regarding the internet video space and the key players involved. Readers will learn about the evolution of the streaming space, where it’s headed, and what industries have followed a similar path.

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Our research work with iModerate over the past several years has developed into a true partnership. Their unique fusion of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies in a single study has offered new insights into key topics and markets of interest for our organization, which in turn, we are able to quickly turn into action steps. They are flexible, responsive, and extremely engaged in the entire project process, from conception and design to final data processing and delivery. They have even gone above and beyond by volunteering their time, resources, and expertise to assist with a special target market project on women. iModerate has their finger on the pulse of the research industry and consistently provides creative suggestions and solutions to enhance our current work. This ultimately allows us to provide our leadership with the strategic insights and opportunities that helps us to advance the common good.

Kristin Thomsen, Manager, Market Research, United Way Worldwide