New Study Details How the Next Generation of Americans View the American Dream

New Study Details How the Next Generation of Americans View the American Dream


Mar 11, 2013

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Denver, CO (March 12, 2013) – A new study from iModerate, a leading qualitative research firm, takes an in-depth look at how the Plurals, the first generation of the 21st century, feel about the American Dream. Do they believe in The Dream? Does it matter to them? And what exactly do they think it is?

This qualitative study which utilized one-on-one conversations and Pinterest boards, uncovered that this group does indeed believe in The Dream and is full of hope. However, the economic swing this group has experienced in their lifetime has had a profound impact on what their Dream has become. They have witnessed a culture that celebrated excess, has been through a recession, and a fledgling recovery. As a result, the Plurals are very realistic about what is achievable, and feel that they must follow the path that will make them personally happy. Happiness and the individual freedom to pursue it are more important than financial success.

Untethered from mainly materialistic goals, the findings demonstrate that the Plurals are varied in their ambitions and patient in their pursuit of them. They have learned that the things which last do not come easy, and embrace the hard work necessary to build a life of comfort and, more importantly, contentment. This is just one of the Plurals’ philosophies reminiscent of those held by past generations. As one plural said in describing The Dream, “I’m free to accomplish anything possible if I am willing to work hard.”

“The conversations we had show that the American Dream is alive and well” said Adam Rossow, Head of Marketing at iModerate. “The world around the Plurals has shaped its constitution, but the overarching themes, hope and ideas of The Dream have remained, if only slightly modified, over time. This group is fascinating for many reasons, but what’s truly impressive is their keen understanding of the world around them and the valuable lessons they have learned and hold dear.”

About this research
The new study which includes additional findings is available as a free download from iModerate. The findings are based on qualitative, one-on-one conversations online between professional moderators and 50 male and female respondents between the ages of 13 and 15. Respondents were also asked to complete Pinterest Boards that represented their American Dream.

About iModerate Research Technologies iModerate Research Technologies is a leading qualitative market research firm with a distinct approach to uncovering the most meaningful insights. Based in Denver, Colorado and founded in 2004, iModerate is known for pioneering and championing the online one-on-one. With over 100,000 conversations to our credit, and an in-depth knowledge of how consumers think and behave, we have helped countless organizations obtain the insights that matter most to them. For more information, please visit www.imoderate.com

iModerate does an excellent job with the qualitative. I am continually impressed with the discussion guides they put together, with the data output, and the reports they provide…it is an excellent deliverable. And our members over the years have provided me and others in the department with specific feedback, saying just how rich and how useful the information is.

Tara Hutton, Director of Marketing Research, Consumer Electronics Association